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  • Jeannine Peregrine
    I am a bookkeeper by day and an artist-creative type the rest of the time.
  • Suzi Blu
  • Helga Strauss
  • Pattie Mosca
    Extraordinary art, inspiration, and wisdom
  • Terri St. Cloud Bonesigh Arts
    Terri is very gifted in the ability to put art and words together into bonesighs. Her art moves me deeply.
  • Christin Lore Weber
    Christin is my very favorite writer. Her books have inspired me and have fed my spiritual growth over the years.
  • Marci Glenn
    mixed media artist I admire a lot!
  • Zura Ledbetter
    Zura is a wonderfully muti-talented, inspiring, uplifting, beautiful woman who I absolutely adore for her faith and loving generous spirit! She sure knows how to help a girl put the play back into her inner child!
  • Bridgette Guerzon Mills
    Mixed media artist. I love her encaustic work.
  • Stacy Alexander
    Multi-talented, mixed media, mosaic art
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